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Ironbark Ciderworks, Inc. acknowledges the Tongva peoples as the traditional land caretakers of Claremont. We are grateful to have the opportunity to work on this land. Ironbark Ciderworks pays our respects to Tongva ancestors, elders, and their relatives/relations past, present, and emerging.


Ironbark is a light and airy, fun, inclusive space with a tropical mod feel. Ironbark is also a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community of Inland Empire and surrounds. We celebrate all bodies, self expressions and identities and expect everyone to do the same when visiting us.

At Ironbark our first priority is to give WOMEN, the LGBTQ+ community, FIRST NATIONS and PEOPLE OF COLOR in environment of security and comfort, and a place that has been denied us for centuries…an equal playing field, a safe space, a forum for expression without judgement or harassment. It is our twofold mission to make the least harmful alcohol and advance the cause of equity for all from whom it has been denied. This is why we require all of our customers to adhere to the...



Ironbark is a safe, inclusive space. Please don’t touch anyone without their permission, or say/do anything: sexist, misogynist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, sizeist, ageist or any other form of derogatory behavior.

Trivia, Karaoke
and MORE!
Seasonal Ciders!
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SATURDAY is left open for Bands, DJ's and COMEDY!!

Our next TRIVIA NIGHT, hosted by Heidi, is this THURSDAY 10/5 at 7:00PM! Inner Pizza will be making everyone happy with the most heavenly burgers in town


KARAOKE NIGHT, hosted by Justine, is this FRIDAY 10/6 at 7:30PM!  

Al's Catering will be here all evening serving their scrumptious Food!

Saturday 10/7 we're launching Kaitlyn's Open Mic Night, and Fond Tradition will be here to provide delicious food.

Inner Pizza with Chef Merlin every Sunday: At Inner Pizza, we believe that pizza and cider are a perfect match. That's why we've created a menu of all-natural pizzas made with the freshest ingredients. Our signature pies are made with high quality organic dough and topped with locally sourced vegetables, cheeses and meats. We also offer vegan and gluten-free options. All of our pizzas are cooked in a wood-fired oven, giving them a smoky, unique flavour. Enjoy a slice of our delicious pizza with a pint of our all-natural cider for the perfect meal.

Grab a few friends and bring them on over to Ironbark at any given time from Thursday to Sunday for an effervescent weekend! Help us make Ironbark the most happening place in town! Sign up on the link below for text messaging to get all the best coupons:


6:00 PM on Thursday  

5:00 PM Friday

2:00 PM on Saturday

2:00 PM on Sunday

See you here!

Saturdays are left open for bands, DJs and COMEDY SHOWS!

*If you have any suggestions, please email


New Seasonal Ciders!

Last Saturday we launched the sensational Krakatoa, our 13% ABV blueberry habanero cider.


We also brought out another seasonal favorite, Cranberry Joy. It's soooo holiday, and soooo delicious! It's a 10% ABV winter-spiced cranberry + apple brandy drink. Try it this weekend!

Last week Chai Pie came out on tap! Apple Pie + Chai Tea = Chai Pie cider and this one's tame at 7% ABV.


In a few weeks we'll be debuting a brand new cider, it's a secret, but we'll be leaving hints along the way, so keep your eyes and ears open... 



What we don't do benefits you!

Alcohol can be toxic, but we still want to enjoy social drinking without destroying our health. We created Ironbark Cider for this very reason.


We don't want nasty things like preservatives, sugars, gluten or animal products in our beverages, but we do want it to delight our tastebuds.


So...we ferment to dry. Dry cider = no residual sugar.


But if you like it a little sweeter, we now have a line of semi-dry ciders that contain added fruit juice.


We filter our cider for clarity, rather than using finings, because they can contain animal products.


Our process is completely cold, so there is no nutritional loss from heat or cooking (nor from pasteurization heat).

Our dry ciders vary slightly in their numbers, but most have about 100 calories per 10oz and 2g to 4g of carbs.


Join the clean revelry revolution with Ironbark! Alcohol beverages that sparkle with fun and vitality, yet untouched by harsh processing or chemical intervention. Our libations embody the essence of life-consciousness.🍎


Mistress K Comedy 10/14 

Drag Bingo Brunch

Sunday 10/22

Come play an interactive funny game of bingo and win prizes!

Hosted by The Dominatrix of Comedy herself Mistress K, who brings the some of the most talented rising stars in comedy. 

IronBark Ciderworks has phenomenal artisan cider. Our venue is female owned and feminist brewery. All are welcome.

Food Trucks On Site For Food! 

Show Starts 2:00pm

The best Sunday of the month is always the Sunday with Drag Bingo Brunch! Mistress K's Kiltus Black is HILARIOUS! And she always brings a team of cheeky drag queens and kings to titillate the audience while you eat some yummy brunch pizza creations by the magical Merlin of Inner Pizza and sip on some stunning ciders. It's so much fun! Plus you can win cool prizes!  


Don't miss out this time!

Doors open at 2:00pm...



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