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Summer is here!

We're going to let our hair down

& have some FUN!

Captain Red Beard Thursday & Friday!

His hearty gourmet food is made for everyone! We're always excited because his menu changes every week! Plus, he incorporates our cider into his recipes! He does meat, vegitarian and vegan. And sometimes even desert! He'll be at Ironbark EVERY THURSDAY & FRIDAY NIGHT at 6:00pm.


Every Thursday & FRIDAY Night  6:00 - 9:00pm

The NightLife Festival is THIS FRIDAY!


The NIGHTLIFE festival this Friday is going to be EVERYTHING! The culmination of a month of uncertainty and confusion, the zenith of hectic and fervent, the apex of a future unknown and we’re gonna Live it!



Friday, July 30th 6:00 - LATE 

Holly's Afternoon Tea & Tipples!

We truly must all get together on August 7th for an Afternoon Tea and Tipple. Of course, we will be serving pots of tea, which you will drink out of lovely teacups, as well as some adorable little finger sandwiches & little cakes to tide you over until it's time for home and the evening's major repast. We will also be boldly bringing around something more daring darlings. Tea cider! Oh heavens, we do look rather bohemian I'm afraid, but honestly dear one, we are just keeping up with the times! 

But anyway, this is an afternoon tea, and we are all so lovely that we must be serenaded. This is precisely why the sweetest songbird in the Inland Empire, Adrienne Selina, will be there to play her instruments and sing the most enchanting songs. 

We would be delighted if you came with your friends and even your sweethearts. We are so very progressive here that menfolk are quite accepted in our establishment. And so we all dearly hope that you feel a great urge to come out on this particular Saturday afternoon at 3:00 pm and to don your finest hat and take a little jaunt over to our petite, but not insignificant, cidery to partake of Afternoon Tea & Tipples with Holly & Cat.

Saturday August 7th 3:00 - 6:00pm

Daydream Time Machine at Ironbark!

We are excited to have Daydream Time Machine back at Ironbark for the first time since the pandemic began. DTM is a five-member psychedelic rock band with Chris on lead vocals and guitar, Beck on drums, Roman on backing vocals, Gus on percussion and bass, and Juan on saxophone and keys. Their music is a hypnotic trip to the heavens via psychedelic anthems and airy atmospheric riffs - all sonically complex and well-rounded. Come see their show, it will possibly blow your mind.  

THIS SHOW IS 21+ ONLY - $5 Cover 


Saturday August 14th 8:00 - LATE

LGBTIQ Happy Day

Every Sunday we give a 20% discount to all who identify as LGBTIQ. We want you to know that you are loved! 


❤️ Give us the "heart hands" signal when ordering, so we can apply your discount!



Ironbark's 4th Anniversary Party

Last November 1st was the 3rd anniversary of Ironbark's opening. We couldn't have a celebration because, COVID. And we were going to try and do one when everything opened up, but it took so long that we are just going on to the next anniversary. Okay so... We almost have a date for our 4th anniversary party and it's going to be a BIG one!


To be Announced!